Julie Parker
Julie Parker BSc, MSTAT

My training in Alexander Technique, Coaching and Embodied Mindfulness (with over 25 years’ experience) allows me to offer a bespoke blend of mental and physical strategies to help you live a more fulfilled, joyful and pain free life.


I was born and schooled in Zimbabwe. I undertook a degree in Mathematics from the University of Cape Town, followed by a career in Investment Fund Management. Continual headaches and an interest in self development and in working with the body, led me to the Alexander Technique.

The treatment wrought a transformation in me. As a result I decided to undertake the 3 years training required to become a registered teacher. I trained in the UK with one of the most prestigious protégés of FM Alexander himself. I qualified in 1989 and since then I have taught the Technique to people from all walks of life.


I have also had a research contract with the Health Sciences Department, working on the ATLAS Clinical Trial – a £720,000 three year trial investigating the effectiveness of Alexander Technique and Acupuncture as interventions for Chronic Neck Pain and the results of this trial were published in 2016.


My coaching clients come from diverse backgrounds, from a student up to a University Deputy Vice Chancellor (see my Linkedin page for my Coaching Recommendation and endorsements).

My diverse experiences of life and work have given me a deep understanding of change management. It has also given me an empathy for the challenges which this presents.


I have a varied background and 25 years of work with an embodied mindfulness meditation practice. Alongside this I’ve had a  life long interest in spirituality and ongoing self development. This combination of elements allows me to facilitate growth, creativity and change at a deep level, both in myself and others.

To arrange a talk, workshop, or individual lesson, or an introductory coaching session;

email julie@creativetransformation.org.uk  or phone me on 0784 171 2942.

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