I often have good ideas. It is not so often that I manage to be effective in bringing those ideas to fruition, especially in timely fashion!

I have started watching The Crown, and was inspired by the concept of the Queen’s Red Box of daily dispatches. Colour and image inspire me, and I decided I could choose to use The Red Box as a way of keeping on top of things.

Because I am self employed, I have always had to manage my own diary. I am good at doing one off creative things, and less good at keeping on top of things on a daily basis. So these are some of the things that I am putting in my daily Red Box:

Julie’s Daily Dispatches Red Box

  • Have a 20 Minute morning ‘meeting’ time straight after coffee/breakfast to check important things for the day
  • Check emails and delete unwanted
  • Check for important news (time 5 mins to skim and stick to it!)
  • Check Twitter & Linked in – time for 10 mins and stick to it!
  • Update ‘To do’ list based on the four quadrants from Steven Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’:
  • 1. Important and Urgent
  • 2. Important and Not Urgent***
  • 3. Urgent and Not Important
  • 4. Not Urgent or Important
  • *** Note that Covey states that Highly Effective People spend more time doing things from Category 2 – Important but not urgent. And also note that I have not figured out how to do embedded bullet lists, but as that would often distract me from finishing this post I am leaving it, and welcome advice from readers!
  • 20 Mins Housework (Read my blog on the 20 Minute miracle here:
  • 20 mins on work Development (Important but not Urgent)
  • 10 mins exercise
  • Do something nourishing

Feel free to comment/share your own Red Box ideas, and share with your friends! Being on lockdown means I need to communicate more on Social Media, so you can follow me on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. And I have taken my allotted 10 mins to find out how to add the URLs here and failed – only have ipad. So feel free to advise me, but I’m posting this anyway!

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