Enhancing Performance and Health

Julie Parker

Julie Parker BSc, MSTAT

Drawing on my training in Alexander Technique, Coaching and Embodied Mindfulness, I offer a blend of mental and physical strategies to improve your well-being, covering the following:

Physical well-being;

  • poise, confidence
  • awareness of habits that create stresses and strains
  • learning to work ergonomically and prevent back pain, neck pain, headaches and repetitive strain injury
  • learning to use breath to notice and regulate responses to stress
  • managing pregnancy and labour with minimum pain
  • getting back to balance and fitness post injury or operation

Mental health and emotional intelligence:

  • understanding self and others
  • learning to differentiate between needs and emotions
  • being able to respond flexibly and positively to the changing demands of the workplace
  • being able to articulate needs without creating conflict


‘I was feeling a bit lost in terms of my career and life direction and I saw coming to Julie as an investment in myself. I found her to be open, honest and insightful, which invited me to explore the reasons why I do or do not do things and how I cope with everyday stresses. This helped me to gain perspective and approach life with more joy and less fear.’

Biology Dept staff member


Enhancing Performance and Health