Julie Parker BSc, MSTAT

My training in Alexander Technique, Coaching and Embodied Mindfulness (with over 25 years’ experience) allows me to offer a bespoke blend of mental and physical strategies to help you live a more fulfilled, joyful and pain free life.


To create a safe space and use my training and experience of Coaching, Alexander Technique Principles and Embodied Meditation to allow people to realise and become their best selves.

About me:

My own journey has brought me to York, from the big skies, open landscapes and heat of Zimbabwe, via the vibrant culture and scenery of Cape Town, the intensity of Big  Business London and the lush green rolling hills of the Lake District.

My life has been one of contrasts, from the logic and certainty of my Maths degree, followed by a career in finance to the intuition and creativity behind my training and work in Alexander Technique and Life Coaching.

Work Philosophy:

My experience means I can act as a bridge between the Sciences and Humanities, between Business and Education, and between Logic and Mystery.

My major client is the University of York where I am an Associate of the Department of Music and work with staff from many different departments including; Law, Psychology, HYMS (Hull York Medical School), Biology, Chemistry, Archaeology, IEE (Institute of Effective Education), Health Sciences, Technology, History, English, Energy Conservation and Music.

I train and run action learning sets for WRoCAH, the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities in Leeds, Sheffield and York,  and for CHASE, the Consortium for Humanities and the Arts South East England, in London. These Doctoral Training Partnerships fund gifted PhD students. (see Work with Universities page)

I am a guest lecturer at the RCA, Royal College of Art, London. I run Retreats  in the UK and abroad.

Furthermore, I am regularly invited to give talks, workshops and presentations to various groups of staff and students within York University and both nationally and Internationally.  (see Workshops & Retreats page for details).


I have also had a research contract with the Health Sciences Department, working on the ATLAS Clinical Trial – a £720,000 three year trial investigating the effectiveness of Alexander Technique and Acupuncture as interventions for Chronic Neck Pain and the results of this trial were published in 2016.


My coaching clients come from diverse backgrounds, from a student up to a University Deputy Vice Chancellor (see my Linkedin page for my Coaching Recommendation and endorsements), Pharmacists, Dentists, Bankers, Computer Analysts, Chemists, Artists.

My diverse experiences of life and work have given me a deep understanding of change management. They have also given me an empathy for the challenges which these present.

To arrange a talk, workshop, or individual lesson, or an introductory coaching session;

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