Advent Reflections for Single Parents & Other Rare Species 11

December 11th

Lifeline Lessons from Lockdown

Lifeline lessons from Lockdown: The image of a lifesaving ring floating on the flooded river Ouse today reminded me of my survival tactics from lockdown.

Each day I would try and get out for a walk, and ideally with a friend, so that I could maintain some form of human contact at a time when most of our support systems (and crutches) were unavailable to us. This was quite a challenge in the Christmas lockdown, as wet weather and darkness often made that intention quite challenging.

Today, a watery winter sun appeared after a weekend of wild storms, lashing rain and thrashing wind – the calm after the storm. My usual riverside walk was 6’ under water, so my walk took me to our nearby allotments and a time of noticing small details. And a cosy coffee and conversation with a good friend added to my sense of well-being and feeling of connection.

In this lead up to Christmas, when many people are becoming more and more frantic in the completion of tasks, take time to get out into nature when you can, notice small details, and connect with your support systems.

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and please share this post with anyone you know who is struggling at this time. 

By Julie Parker

The Coach and Trainer with lived experience, empathy and intuition. Contact me when life is messy, and the answers don't fit into a neat strapline!

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